The Science Behind Surfing At Shipstern Bluff

The Southern Hemisphere’s most notorious surfing slab is hosting this year’s Red Bull Cape Fear, so watch this video to get acquainted with how Tasmania’s Shipstern Bluff keeps on motoring.

After running one of the craziest surfing events the world has ever seen in 2016, Mark Mathews and his crew decided to ramp things up further for the latest instalment of Red Bull Cape Fear. After tackling Cape Solander in Sydney, Australia, in the midst of a 50-year-storm last time around, this time the field of invited stars and local talent will be squaring off at Shipstern Bluff off the coast of the Australian island state of Tasmania.
The ’Stern’ is a wave like no other. From the infamous step to the cliffs where it breaks and the cold water and rogue wildlife, there’s no shortage of vicious variables at the Southern Hemisphere’s most famous slab.


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